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These terms, together with our privacy policy and cookie notice, constitute an agreement with you for the services we provide in the Japster application. To avoid any confusion, "you" or "user" refers to the person registered in the Japster application. Together, they are referred to as "our terms." "We," "Japster", "Japster Oy," or "service provider" refers to Japster Oy in these terms.

Acceptance of the services and/or registration in the application and strong authentication are considered decisive evidence that you accept these terms. We may change the terms from time to time, and you are encouraged to check the website or application to consider any changes to the terms that apply to you.

Renting any vehicle is subject to the rental conditions set by the Rental Agency and the relevant laws of the country and/or state where the rental takes place. There may also be specific restrictions on the rental. We act as an intermediary for the vehicles. Our ability to act and our liability depend on our relationship with the Rental Agency.

These terms apply to all use of the Japster application, so you must ensure that you are aware of their contents. Both our terms and the terms of the Rental Agency providing the reserved vehicle contain some limitations of liability.

Your reservation in this application requires that you accept these terms and the Rental Agency's terms. If you do not agree to any part of them, you cannot proceed with your reservation. By confirming that you want to reserve a vehicle through this application, you indicate that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms. If there is any part of these terms that you do not fully understand, please contact us.

If you have any questions about the rental or other products of the Rental Agency, please contact the Rental Agency from which you are renting the vehicle through our application. Any deviations from these terms must be made in writing to be valid.

Japster Oy reserves the right to change the terms. Japster reserves the right to immediately block the user's access to the vehicles rented through the Japster application if these terms are violated or if the situations require it.

Japster reserves the right to collect information about the user if their Japster profile is blocked. The user may be denied opening a new user profile. Japster may deny user approval if the person is registered on the "Blocked Users" list.

Japster acts only as an intermediary for the vehicle and is not responsible for damages arising from the user's use, including damages to third-party goods. Japster cannot be held liable for indirect damages under any circumstances.

Japster is not responsible for items left in the vehicles.


  • User or You – Refers to a natural person or legal entity registered in the Japster application.
  • Japster Oy – B number: 3285565-2
  • Rental Agency – Refers to the company that supplies and is responsible for the Vehicle.
  • Vehicle – Refers to any vehicle of the Rental Agency that Japster mediates to the User according to the terms.
  • Rental Period – Refers to the period starting when the User starts the rental in the Japster application until the User ends the rental in the Japster application.
  • Price List – Refers to the current price list for the use and rental of the Vehicle. Japster reserves the right to change prices. Generally, the pricing is the responsibility of the Rental Agency, which is responsible for the vehicles.


Upon registration, the user acknowledges having entered into a binding electronic agreement with Japster, and the terms to which the user is bound form the entire basis of the agreement between Japster and the user. Additionally, the user enters into an agreement with the Rental Agency when they reserve a vehicle through the application.

The user's login to Japster is personal and may only be used by the user themselves.

If the user's login is used unauthorizedly, the user is obligated to pay all costs incurred due to unauthorized use. The user is considered the driver and is responsible for all indirect costs, including damages, regardless of insurance.

a. The user may only use their own information when creating and later modifying their login/profile. Therefore, the user may not use other individuals' driver's license information, credit card information, or contact details.

b. The user may not allow another person to use their account or use the rented vehicle. Violation of this agreement will result in the forfeiture of insurance coverage and a fine of €1500, plus all costs incurred from driving.

Upon registration, the user must be at least 21 years old.

a. A valid driver's license is required.

b. A valid credit card must be used, with available funds to cover any additional damages.

Upon registration, the user grants Japster the authorization to verify the user's provided personal information through a third party. If there are discrepancies or conflicts between the user's provided information and official records, Japster Oy reserves the right to reject the customer's registration. If such a credit report or conflict arises during the contractual relationship, it is considered a violation of these terms.

The user must ensure that all information related to them is always up to date. The user's details can be updated through the Japster application or customer service at any time.

The user always has the right to cancel their registration with the Japster application. Upon cancellation, the user is still responsible for any outstanding payments.

If the user does not use the vehicles for 180 consecutive days, Japster Oy reserves the right to deactivate the user, and they must register again.


The rental agency may have a separate agreement with business customers. In this case, the user uses a community code in the application.


When starting a journey, the user confirms that the vehicle is received in good and legal condition. Any complaints regarding the vehicle's condition must be reported to the rental agency before departure.

The user accepts that all vehicles are equipped with a tracking system.

Stickers or other decorations must not be removed from the vehicles. If these are removed, the user will be charged the incurred costs as a surcharge.

All vehicles are insured for the maximum number of passengers. We cannot take responsibility if the vehicle is unsuitable for all passengers and luggage. We cannot be held responsible if the rental agency refuses to provide the vehicle because the party is too large.

We cannot guarantee a specific make or model of the vehicle. The listed vehicle is only indicative, and the rental agency may instead offer another vehicle considered similar or better.


  • Transporting passengers or goods for money, directly or indirectly.
  • Transporting items causing unpleasant odors or unusual wear.
  • Carrying more passengers than intended.
  • Traveling outside the borders of Finland without a separate agreement.

Please note that the user is always bound by the terms of the rental agency from which the vehicle is rented through the application. Japster acts solely as an intermediary platform.


The rental period begins when the User starts the rental in the Japster application. The User's responsibility for the Vehicle starts at the same time.

Before using the Vehicle, the User must check for any damages not defined in the Japster application. If the Vehicle is in a condition that the User does not wish to use, they should contact the Rental Agency.

The Vehicle is always returned to the same place where it was picked up. The rental agreement ends when the rental is terminated through the application.


In most cases, we confirm your reservation immediately through the Japster application at the time of booking. Sometimes, we need to wait for the Rental Agency to confirm the availability of the Vehicle. If this happens, you will be informed through the application.

As soon as the Rental Agency confirms your reservation, we will notify you and charge your card. Very rarely, if the Rental Agency cannot confirm the availability of the Vehicle, we will cancel your reservation. In such cases, we are not responsible for any interruption or limitations to your travel.

When you reserve a Vehicle, your booking confirmation can be found in the application. You do not have a valid agreement until we have confirmed your reservation and processed the payment. To avoid any confusion, nothing in these terms entitles third parties to benefits or rights.


While we strive to ensure the accuracy of the information in this application, neither we nor our suppliers can be held responsible for the accuracy of such information. It is solely your responsibility to assess the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all information provided in our application. We do not take responsibility for errors in the application. We cannot be held responsible for any costs resulting from the Rental Agency agreement accepted in the application.

We are not responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, causing intentional damage, driving off-road/poorly maintained roads, or driving without due care. You are responsible for diligence requirements.


Please read the detailed terms of the Rental Agency regarding the reserved Vehicle, which you can see during the booking process.


Post-rental charges are possible when the Vehicle incurs any damages or if the Vehicle is returned without refueling. The Rental Agency makes these post-rental charges to cover any additional costs, fines, and in some cases, fuel incurred during your trip.

A valid credit card in your name with available funds must be stored in the application. We require that the Vehicle and additional accessories are returned in the same condition as when they were picked up. Some Rental Agencies may require you to return the Vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had during pickup.

Any damages and/or unfilled fuel will be charged later to your card. When the Rental Agency charges for fuel, the price may be higher than what it would be at a local gas station. Please read the detailed terms regarding your rental, which you can see during the reservation process.


If any extra service is required and is provided outside normal business hours, an additional fee may apply. Please read the specific terms of the Rental Agency regarding your reservation, which you can see during the reservation process.


Most often, the minimum age limit is 21 years. Additional charges may apply for drivers under 25 years old or over 65 years old at certain Rental Agencies. Larger Vehicles may have higher minimum age limits in some locations. Please read the specific Rental Terms regarding the Vehicle, which you can see during the reservation process.


In bookings made through the Japster application, the right to use is limited to the person who made the reservation.


The vehicle's price is confirmed at the time of booking and is calculated based on hourly or 24-hour units, depending on the initial reservation.

If you wish to extend the rental period after picking up the vehicle or cancel the reservation, you can do so directly from the application. In some cases, extensions cannot be made if the vehicle is already booked for the next renter. In such cases, you can contact the Rental Agency directly. The extension payment is always made within the application.

The extension fee might be higher than the rates agreed upon with us during the initial booking. The Rental Agency may impose an additional late return penalty, the details of which are specified in your agreement with the Rental Agency. These charges will be debited directly from your credit card.


Your rental starts and ends based on the pick-up and return dates and times specified in your application. Unfortunately, we cannot refund unused time if the vehicle is picked up late or returned early. If you are unable to pick up the vehicle at the scheduled time and date, it is important to cancel your reservation in the application. If you fail to cancel, you are not eligible for a refund, and the reservation will be charged in full to your card.


Restrictions may apply when taking the vehicle to different countries/states/islands. Please read the detailed terms of your rental, which you can view during the booking process.


Rental agencies may charge last-minute cancellation fees. Please read the specific rental terms related to your booking, which you can see during the booking process.


There is no administrative fee for changing your reservation, but the changes you make can affect the price you pay. Sometimes the only way to modify a booking is to cancel it and make a new one, in which case we may charge you a cancellation fee on behalf of the Rental Agency.


Occasionally, we or the Rental Agency may need to make changes to your reservation (after approval). In all such cases, we will notify you as soon as possible before the pickup, and if the proposed changes are not acceptable, you will be offered a full refund. However, in such circumstances, we do not have any additional liability for direct or indirect losses you may suffer as a result of these changes.


Your reservation is normally available once the full payment has been received and the Rental Agency has confirmed the Vehicle, which will be visible in the application. Please note that confirming certain rental requests may take longer, and we will inform you if this is the case. If the Vehicle cannot be picked up due to insufficient documents or the absence of a valid credit card, it will be treated as an "irrevocable reservation," and you will not be entitled to a refund of the paid amount.


The renter must have a valid driving license that has been valid for at least 1 year. Expired driving licenses are not accepted. Please read the detailed rental terms of the Rental Agency, which you can see during the booking process.

We reserve the right to deny the reservation if there are deficiencies in the driving license, in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agencies we collaborate with. When picking up the Vehicle, the driving license will be verified through the TRAFI registry. Even if the driving license is not checked through TRAFI, the driver hereby confirms that they have a valid driving license. The driving license must be carried throughout the rental period. If your reservation is canceled due to an inadequate driving license, no refunds will be issued. Please note that when driving abroad, you may require an international driving permit. It is the renter's responsibility to check if they need an international driving permit. Only the person registered in the Japster application can be the driver.


Rental agencies reserve the right to deny the Vehicle to any individuals deemed unfit to drive or who do not meet the eligibility requirements. We are not responsible for completing travel arrangements, nor for any reimbursements, compensations, or other expenses you may incur in such a case.


If you are dissatisfied with the rented Vehicle, please contact the Rental Agency from which you rented the Vehicle primarily. Also, inform us as soon as possible but no later than 3 months after returning the Vehicle. Although you have a contractual relationship with the Rental Agency when renting the Vehicle through the Japster application, we will always try to assist in case of problems by contacting the Rental Agency on your behalf.


In case of faults or mechanical issues, you must immediately contact the Rental Agency. The Rental Agency must authorize repairs or provide substitute Vehicles. In the event of an accident, you must immediately contact the police and the Rental Agency.

Any Vehicle rental is subject to the rental conditions set by the Rental Agency and the laws of the country where the rental takes place.


Even if you select a reservation, it is important to understand how and when the agreement is made. The technical steps required to enter into the agreement are as follows: When we provide prices through the application, we ask you to make an offer to purchase them. The price is confirmed only when you press "Book" and complete the payment through the application. The price may change until the reservation is finalized. We are not responsible for our own, nor through the rental companies', failure or delay in performing our obligations under this reservation, rental, or its terms, if and to the extent that the payment is delayed.

We have the right to cancel the reservation with immediate notice under certain circumstances, such as the insolvency situation of the Rental Agency. We strive to arrange alternative Vehicle delivery in all situations by reasonable means, but during times of high demand, it may not be possible.


It is prohibited to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the normal operation of this application. Any activity that we deem to overload or attempt to overload our systems unreasonably will be terminated. We continuously monitor all users of our application, and the activity of any automated systems or individuals making an excessive amount of searches for obtaining data and/or prices will be terminated, and those systems/persons will be blocked from our application. Your use of the application indicates your consent to comply with these terms of use.


Your privacy is important to us. By using this application, you accept the terms of our privacy policy, which are presented on the website https://japster.fi/en_GB/privacy-policy


We may use cookies and other technologies to facilitate and track the use of services offered in this application and marketing communication. More information about the use of cookies can be found at https://japster.fi.


Completed reviews can be downloaded into our application solely to inform customers about your opinion on the Rental Agency's service and quality. Japster Oy can use them in part or in full on our platforms, social media platforms, newsletters, special offers, mobile applications, or other channels owned, hosted, used, or controlled by Japster Oy.

By submitting a review, you agree to the use of your review as stated above. We reserve the right to modify, reject, or remove reviews at our discretion.

The reviews express the personal opinions of the Japster customers who responded to the survey after the rental ended. These opinions may not necessarily represent the views of Japster Oy.

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