Drive with Ease: Car Sharing Made Touchingly Simple

Looking for an easy way to get around town and beyond? Look no further than Japster, the coolest car sharing app available!

Book now or plan ahead, Japster covers all your transportation needs.
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Download Japster now and join the ride!

Whether you need a quick ride to the mall, a weekend getaway to your parents' cabin, or an epic road trip across Finland, Japster got you covered. With our sweet selection of cars, from compact carts to roomy rides, you'll be cruising in style in no time. So what are you waiting for?

Cities conquered by Japster

You can already spot us in these hangouts! Our goal is to spread shared cars all over Finland, even to the corners where you love to roam.
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Here's how to get cruisin' with Japster

Choose a Car

Pick a car from the map or choose a suitable vehicle from the list.

Open the Doors from the App

Pay, and you can start driving right away. The doors open directly from the app.

Hit the Road

You're ready to go. Have a good and safe journey!

Awesome Reasons to Start Cruising Today.

Jump right in!

Instant access to cars all over town, with no pesky paperwork or rental counters in sight.

Got a plan?

Book a ride in advance that truly fits your needs- Whether you're headed to IKEA or taking a week off at the cottage

We've Got a Ride for Every Vibe!

A wide range of vehicles to choose from, whether you're hauling groceries or moving apartments.

Long-Term Car Needs? No problem!

Flexible rental options, so you can rent by the hour, day, week, or even month.


Local car rental companies ensure a diverse selection, reliable, and well-maintained vehicles.

No Shared Cars Nearby? No Worries!

Is there a lack of shared cars in your area? Let us know, and let's figure out how to make it happen.

Download Japster and start enjoying the benefits of car sharing today!

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